Inhalation Facility


Nose-Only Inhalation Exposure Systems


ERF offers Inhalation toxicity testing service as a complementary to general toxicology dosing methodologies. Our Inhalation toxicology division includes well experienced dedicated team of toxicologists with specially equipped (CH Technologies, USA) laboratory for small rodent animal exposure.  Exposure unit is attached with dedicated AHU to prevent any risk of cross contamination of aerosols during testing.


Inhalation is the primary method for delivering pharmaceuticals to patients with lung or airway diseases and is also a leading route of unintended exposure during manufacturing, handling or use of (Agro) chemicals. Safety assessment in both cases requires specialized capabilities to successfully test the effect of inhaled compounds.


We are offer testing and related services to effectively demonstrate the toxicity of these substance and to support worldwide registration.



Some salient features of the Inhalation System include:


  • Precise control of exposure for each individual animal.
  • Concentration in the exposure chamber can be changed according to our requirement.
  • Minimize the amount of test article generated to achieve a certain dose.
  • Avoids alternative exposure routes.
  • Eliminates potential eye irritation.


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